Company Introduction

About JMYMetal

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd since establishment in 1992 has been leading the Chinese industry of household & bathroom products. The company being a well-known bathroom accessories supplier has been representing the Chinese household accessory industry for 24 straight years now.

Jmymetals Factory

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd holds a massive area of around 125,000,000/- sq meters along with having a massive workforce of around 4000+ employees. It ensures that company is able to produce household & bathroom accessory products on a massive scale. Our massive workforce & 24/7 service has allowed us to boost our manufacturing & supplying volume which is now almost up to 1.2 billion wide variety of products per annum.

Jmymetals Trademark

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing is not just a name itsâs a brand name that is recognized throughout the globe. We prefer providing our customers with not only quality products but quality service as well. JMYMetals has been awarded numerous awards due to its consistent on-time delivery of quality products. This also adds great value to customer satisfaction.

Jmymetals Certifications

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is equipped with state of the art technological equipment which not only provides satisfactory production but also complies with all the international standards. Since international recognition in 2003, the company has been proudly holding ISO 9001:2000, CCC & ISO 14025 Certifications. Our quality household products are our trademark which has kept us being the no.1 company in China. Our experts have designed such a Standard Operating Procedure that each product has to go through a complex testing process which ensures optimum level quality & which is also a reason that has ensured us to hold quality certifications for more than a decade.

Jmymetals Export

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd produces a vast variety of products from which our primary product is internationally admired the most such as Water Heater, Steel Dust Bin, Salad Bowl, Tissue Holder, Toilet Brush, Soap Dispenser, etc. Since the initiation of our export in 1995 JMYMetals has been able to reach 30 different countries which include some of the top importing countries such as USA, Korea, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Italy, etc. The company has been listed as one of the top household & bathroom products suppliers from China not only within China but other countries as well which makes as a certified Chinese Household dealer in the world.

Jmymetals Motive

We are a company that is always focusing on latest innovations to ensure interest & satisfaction of our clients. This is achieved through our set culture which emphasizes on teamwork & support. This is also one of the reasons why we are able to set new trends. Our staff is highly motivated & ready to achieve success in every step of life not only for themselves but for their company as well. All thanks to continuous efforts from our management & reliable labor we are able to achieve a position which only a few other companies in China hold. Due to similar efforts, our influence in the global market keeps on increasing which has ultimately allowed us to capture a great piece of the international market.

Jmymetals Achievements

Yinyi Metal, in the year 2000; was able to achieve a state of the art facilities. The company has achieved numerous milestones since then not only in terms of quality but in terms of expansion & service delivery as well. We have been complying with our main policy which states developing, innovating, pursuing & properly maintaining with precision alongside giving optimum value to customers'. Perfection is what we seek & in doing that we ultimately gain customers utmost trust.