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Company Introduction

Supreme Range of Bathroom Accessories Available

Jiangmen Yin Yi Co. Ltd. is modern bathroom accessories manufacturing company recognized among top bathroom accessories supplier. We are providing world class products online at lowest prices in international market. We deal in widest range of bathroom fittings, kitchen accessories and household products especially sophisticated range of steel dustbin that fits well with any house interior decor.

Our Products

Since our establishment in 1992, we have been constantly involved in the manufacturing of latest & most reliable household & bathroom products. The company is well known thorough out the Globe as top bathroom products manufacturing company with brand name “jmymetals” due to its top quality products and services which are providing numerous benefits to our consumers. Some of our top rated products such as Steel Bin, Toilet Brush, Stainless Steel Bin, Salad bowl, etc are being extensively used throughout the Globe as our customers fully trust our fair name.

Our Professional Staff

Our bathroom accessories ensure that all its staff are well educated & experienced which is where our HR Team plays a vital role. Our staff comprises of almost 400+ well educated & experienced personnel’s that are constantly contributing towards not only stability of the company but towards the enhancement of each product. Our highly skilled & dedicated staff is constantly ensuring that all brand machines are up to date & products are being manufactured in accordance with our highly sophisticated standard operating procedures which makes us the best household accessories manufacturing company In China. Our standard operating procedures are developed by experts in the field which can ensure optimum quality with little wastage. Our technical staff ensures that all products are manufactured under best working conditions which ensure their reliability within the hands of users. Being the top household accessories manufacturing company in China Our staff ensures production & maintenance of all the products in accordance with user requirements. Our products will definitely provide you not only reliability & durability but other benefits as well. All our products have to go through an intense checking process prior to delivering which ensures optimum level customer satisfaction. We being a reliable bathroom accessories supplier offer manufacturing of some of the most top class bathroom products.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the priority at jmymetals. Our experts have developed a state of the art assurance process that is run on completion of each product to ensure that no lapses in quality or faults in the product exist. Being an ethical bathroom products manufacturing company if any such problems are found our QA team instantly ensure removal of that product which is then redeveloped under superior supervision to ensure quality. Apart from this company has a separate department that provides after sales services which ensure customer satisfaction. Our reliable after sales service team is operating 24/7 to ensure that our products are up to the mark & our customers are satisfied.

Competent Price Quotes

We offer a wide range of quality products that are highly inexpensive & up to the mark. We being the most followed household accessories manufacturing company ensure that all our products are manufactured to meet the requirements of each customer in accordance with their respective capabilities. Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has global recognition which is obtained through years of quality service delivery along with reasonable prices to our domestic & international clients. The company does not compromise in terms of quality but still ensures less wastage of material with considering mass production to ensure competitive prices for our valuable customers. The company offers various discounts to our valuable customers especially ones that are constantly in collaboration with us requiring our services.

Global Recognition

Jiangmen Yinyi Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a name that hold’s recognition in the Global market. The company is trusted & valued by some of the top companies that are constantly looking forward towards our valuable service. Our company supplies its household products in countries like UK, USA, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai, Philippines, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Centurion, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore, India, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and China.

Awards and Certifications

We are proud to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001 & 27001 certified company. The company also provides other services such as OEM/ODM which can be provided on demand.